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Unauthorised leave of absence


Unauthorised leave of absence


In 2013, the DfE issued revised Advice on School Attendance (which can be found at

http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/behaviour/attendance/f00221879/advice-on-school-attendance) and amended the Pupil Registration Regulations 2006.

Gomersal Primary School will be coming inline with Kirklees Schools Attendance Guidance and from September 2015 will be issuing Penalty Notices for unauthorised leave of absence.

Leave of Absence


As a general rule, children should not be absent from school for the purposes of a holiday. Holidays in term time can be both disruptive to your child’s learning and to the school.

While absence for a holiday in term time may be granted in exceptional circumstances, it is entirely the school’s decision and is not a parental right.

You should seek the head teacher’s permission for a term time holiday BEFORE you book the holiday, using the schools ‘Absence Request Form’


A penalty notice, for each parent of each child may be issued:


  • If parents have not sought permission from the head teacher before taking their child out of school for a Leave of Absence in term time.
  • If the head teacher has refused the request but the absence occurs anyway.
  • If the child has not returned to school by the agreed date with no satisfactory explanation.