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'To achieve we will be creative and curious.   

We will collaborate, show respect and be honest' 











‘Creativity, curiosity, community, heritage’

We believe that a curriculum should be tailored to the needs of the children the school serves. As such, our curriculum not only incorporates the statutory elements of the National Curriculum but is also focused on nurturing children’s creativity and curiosity. The rich heritage of the locality weaves through the curriculum so all children develop a strong understanding of their unique place in the local, national, and world-wide community.

Our children will show compassion, honesty, respect and celebrate diversity.

We aim for all children to be creative, curious, motivated, resilient, and independent. They will have a clear sense of self and know how to look after their physical and mental health. They will understand the importance of sustainability and protecting the planet for their future and the active role that they must play in this

By the time they leave Gomersal Primary, children will be well equipped for the next stage of life and learning and well prepared for modern life. They will be able to communicate clearly through spoken and written language and express their thoughts and feelings through a variety of media.