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What do governors do?


What do governors do?

The governing body has a variety of duties and responsibilities set out by law. We are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, this is the job of the head teacher and the senior management team, but we do set policies, make plans and monitor results and we work in partnership with them. Governors are volunteers therefore are unpaid and do not claim expenses of any kind.

The areas of work that we are involved with include education development plans, target setting, complaint handling, performance reviews, appointment of staff and budget spending. We work to provide an environment which will give the best possible education for all the pupils in school.

How does the work get done?

Gomersal Primary school governors meet twice a term for full governing body meetings. In addition we visit the school as often as possible to be able to get to know the staff and school better, and many of the governors have named responsibilities, such as Special Educational Needs and Safeguarding.

Some of the governors’ work is carried out by sub-committees.These report back to the full governing body at each meeting. The sub-committees have limited powers of delegation which means they can make some decisions without having to wait to for the full governing body to meet.

Governors’ Work

Here are examples of how school governors have been involved 



Focus/Purpose Outcomes/Impact
Safeguarding Audit and Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding governors have greater awareness of aspects of safeguarding in school, asking relevant questions about our policies and procedures around areas such as child protection, anti-bullying and online safety

Health and Safety Audit Health and Safety governor has a secure knowledge of Health and Safety in school and any issues raised to address
Performance Managing the Headteacher

Supporting and challenging the headteacher about achievement targets being met in the school in order to raise standards.

Setting further targets for the headteacher in line with school priorities.

Attendance at Christmas assembly Governor celebrating school community in the school and children see governors as part of this process.

SEN Policy

SEN Report

SEN governor has a greater awareness of SEN in school asking relevant questions about SEN provision in school.