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School library is open after school ever Monday, come along and choose an extra book or two!

Welcome to our school Library


With the change in the national expectation in reading, regular reading at home has never been more important to support your child’s development.

Finding the right book is often key to turning a child into a reader – the book that connects with them, that makes them realise that reading can transport them, guide them, make them laugh, cry or simply entertain them, and some that might just make them realise that reading is fun.

Finding the right book takes time, to help choose why not look at the Books Trust website which gives recommended books for different age groups.  Click Here to go to the books trust page.

We hope that within these lists you’ll find a lot of ‘right’ books, you may find some ‘wrong’ books too but that’s all part of the fun!

Let’s help our children to love reading!



Harry Potter Day

We are raising funds for the school library by having a Harry Potter day on Friday 2nd February 2018.  Children can come dressed up as a character from Harry Potter or Magical Beasts (£1 donation) the day will be filled with magical fun. After school the library will be open for pupils and their parents/carers,  there will be activities and readings inside the library and a cake and sweet sale. 

We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Thank you for your continued support to the school library.


Want to know more about your favourite authors or their characters? 

Most authors have brilliant websites with loads of fun information, games and competitions. Why not take a look at your favourite author and see what new things you can find out! 

Click on the a picture below to open one of these authors pages, or do a search for a different author.


After school library is now open  on a Monday

HOw the Library Works.


Once a week each class will have time to visit the library, the library is set out  to try and make it as user friendly as possible, we have author sections, as well as sections of Dinosaur, Pirate, Fairy, Sports books etc.  If a child would like a specific book they should be able to find it or they can ask for the help Mrs Dewhirst who tends to know most of the books and where they are! 

Any book can be taken from the library, the only restrictions are that there is a year 5/6 area for some older children's books.

The children can keep the library book until they have read it but a reminder will be sent occasionally if the book has been out for more than a month, if for some reason the book gets lost or ruined we ask that you replace it with the same book or pay the lost book fee. Unfortunately we cannot let a child take a 2nd book out until the book is found/replaced or paid for.

Please encourage your child to look after the books, in book bags and rucksacks they tend to get shoved to the bottom, water bottles leak on them, pages tear and corners bend, so extra care needs to be taken if we are to keep these books for the years we need them to survive!


After school library club 

After school library club this year is on a Monday. This is an opportunity for parents to come in and help children to take another few books out in addition to the class library ones, again the library team are on hand to help with any requests and occasionally staff are around to read a story to those who come. (There's also juice and biscuits for anyone who takes a book or brings their child along so it's definitely worth a trip!)


Old Books?

Thank you to everyone who has donated books to the library, we are so grateful to you all.


If your bookshelves are getting a bit full and you have out grown some of your books we would be delighted to give them a new home in the school library, these can be handed in to the school office.

Coming soon...

We are excited to have a new computer system in the library, an whilst we are having a few teething problems we can see that the system will be great for everyone as soon as we get used to it! 

Students will eventually be able to log in at home and see which book they have out, check which books are in the library, write reviews on books they've read and give and receive recommendations on books.