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Welcome to Year 5

A big hello and warm welcome to all children in 5RW and 5MB. We hope that you, and your family, enjoy looking at what we have been learning in Year 5. 

In Year 5, the teachers are Miss R Whiteley and Mr M Bendon. The teaching assistants are Ms Kitchen and Ms Capewell.

PE Reminder 

Please can make sure your child has their outdoor PE  kit for Thursdays and indoor PE kit for Fridays.


Spring Term 2018

World Book Day

Here are the fantastic potatoes decorated for World Book Day. Children were very creative with their characters and designs.  

Year 5 Performance

All children showcased their fantastic talents in their performance on Brazil. They shared their knowledge of Brazilian celebrations and understanding of the importance of the rainforest, through presenting information, drama sketches and dance. Children also shared the routine they have been learning in their PE lessons. 

Harry Potter Day

To celebrate Harry Potter Day, children came dressed as a character from one of the Harry Potter books. Activities throughout the day were inspired by these books. Children created their own Fantastic Beast and  designed outfits for witches and wizards. We also made up sweets and jokes for the Weasley's shop and played games of Quidditch. We had a wonderful day!

Food and Nutrition

Children became 'food detectives' for the day, spying on sugar and creating healthy menus. Children investigated the sugar content in a variety of foods and drinks, with some containing a surprising amount of sugar!They then learnt how much of different food types they should have in their diets, in relation to their age. Following this, children created a healthy menu. All menus were then made into a class healthy eating guide. 


Autumn Term 2017

Science Week

During Science week we have been carrying out lots of interesting investigations. We have explored how to make a paper straw bridge stronger, investigated which type of chocolate melts the quickest and discovered how to make an egg float in water. We have also carried out various activities to see whether the right or left side of the body is our dominant side. 


As part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project, we designed and created a boat out of play dough. We were testing whether our boat design would float in water. In another session, we found out which hull shape would be best for breaking through ice. We tested this using model boats, sand and repeated results. 

National Poetry Day

To celebrate national poetry day, Year 5 focused on the theme of 'freedom'. Children worked in small groups or as a whole class to create a poem based on this topic. They had interesting ideas about freedom and created some brilliant poems.