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Welcome to Foundation Stage


Meet the Team...........

Mrs L Drew - Foundation Stage Leader     Mrs J Jenkins - Teacher

Mrs L Berry - Teacher 

Mrs E McCallum - Nursery Nurse


There is always someone to talk to at the gate - at the beginning and end of the school day - we are here to help.

Summer 2018

During this Summer term Early Years have been visiting the art room with Mrs Barrett. They had to listen carefully to instructions before making their own self portrait using mixed media. 

Spring 2018

Spring Art Competition Entries

Thank you for all of your Spring Art entries. It was wonderful to see all the art work you had created together as a family. The art work is on display in our corridor and our winners have been selected. 

During Spring 1 we have also been learning about Dinosaurs. We have been exploring our dinosaur museum where our dinosaur egg has been hatching. Be careful though, we think he may be a meat eater! We've dug and found dinosaur bones and talked about fossils. We've designed and drawn our own dinosaurs and also described them. We've had a Roooaarrring time!

In Spring 1 we have been learning about the Gruffalo. We have retold the story ourselves using drama, pictures and writing. We have done lots of painting using colour mixing. We ordered the characters by size using the Interactive Whiteboard. We've had a fabulous time!

As promised, a copy of the "Help Your Child To Succeed" powerpoint. Also added as a link is the Letter and Sounds Booklets - Scroll down to useful documents for parents.

Initially, children enter their Reception Year on a part time basis. This allows practitioners time to build relationships and establish routines.

We look forward to working with you and your child(ren) and to building upon their earlier experiences, knowledge and skills.

"Children are born ready, able and eager to learn"

and we would like to nurture these natural instincts.




What are SCRAPSHEDS and why do we use them?

Scrapsheds are containers which are filled with recycled materials and equipment suitable for outdoor creative play. Plastics, large reels, huge tubes, pipes, large boxes, old tyres, material, tarpaulin, den building and much more all suitable for outdoor play


The ultimate aim of the The Scrapshed is to provide our children with a creative alternative to directed games. Children lead

the play and need little or no intervention from adults. The Scrapshed actively encourages children to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences and develop their capacities, from a young age and from the earliest play experiences. It is also intended that children can take their indoor learning experiences into imaginative play outdoors.