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Year 5 Homework

Each week, you will be set an English and Maths homework. Some weeks it may be a bit different. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday. 

16.10.20 - Maths

Complete the worksheet on inverse operations.

16.10.20 - Science

Activity 1 - Planet Postcards

  1. Choose a planet you would like to know about. You can’t choose Earth!
  2. Using books or any other source of information, find out at least five interesting facts about the planet.
  3. Design a postcard from the planet. You need to draw a front to the postcard that suits your planet.
  4. Write a postcard to someone on Earth as if you are visiting the planet you have chosen. You must use your five facts in your postcard.
  5. Complete the activity in your homework book, showing your front design and letter, or make it like an actual postcard.
  6. Share your postcards with us via Class Dojo.

 Activity 2 – Moon Diary

For the next month, keep a moon diary and record the different phases the moon goes through. Draw a picture and name the phase of the moon.  

16.10.20 - Spelling

Children have highlighted the words from their spelling test which they need to practice so they can spell them confidently. Here are all the spellings:

  • We often find snails in the garden.
  • When the bus broke down, the passengers were worried.
  • Next term, Claire will continue to have swimming lessons.
  • The children played happily in the park.
  • We have to remember our PE kit on Thursdays.
  • Please make a generous donation to our animal charity.
  • There were more than eighty people in the audience.
  • The gardener clears all the leaves off the grass.
  • You don’t need a bag, although a bottle of water is a good idea.
  • Running in the corridors is dangerous.
  • Our voices echo as we walk through the tunnel.
  • The riddle seemed impossible to solve.
  • Sasha liked going to birthday parties.
  • The children wanted to bury their shells in the sand.
  • Leon gets on well with his cousin.
  • You will need permission to go on the trip.
  • The antique vase is now on display in the museum.
  • Bradley guessed that his friend was hiding behind the door.
  • It is difficult to separate the egg yolk from the white.
  • Doing exercise makes you breathe

09.10.20 - Maths

Complete the worksheet on addition. 

09.10.20 - English

Choose one (or more) of these activities to complete. They are all linked to our book ‘Clockwork’.

  1. Help Karl by drawing a clockwork figure that he could enter into The Great Clock.
  2. Write a newspaper article about the appearance of Dr. Kalmenius. Remember to include the who, what, why, where and how!
  3. Write instructions for the use of Sir Ironsoul. How would a person take care of him? Where would they need to keep him?
  4. Write a persuasive argument that Prince Otto could send to Baron Stelgratz, asking for his heart.
  5. Use the description of the song (a simple, haunting little tune) to come up with your own version of the song. Try and write it down!
  6. Create a board game that teaches the players about the story of Clockwork – see additional sheet. 

09.10.20 - Spelling

Rule: homophones. Complete the homophones worksheet and learn how to spell them confidently. Add any of your own homophones too. Mark your worksheet answers afterwards.

02.10.20-  Maths

Complete the worksheet on negative numbers.

02.10.20 - English

Find another text written by Philip Pullman or another mystery and suspense story. From the front cover, infer and predict what you think the text will be about. Do you think it is a fiction text? Is it a mystery and suspense story? Who will the characters be? Mind map all your ideas. Then, if you can read an extract from the text, compare your chosen text to Clockwork. Do you think the texts are similar / different? Why? Begin to read the beginning of your chosen text and again compare it to Clockwork.

02.10.20 - Spelling

Rule: Suffixes -ible and -able. Use the games on the website to practice learning spellings with the suffixes –ible and –able.


25.09.20 - Maths

Complete the place value worksheet.

25.09.20 - English

 Complete the word search and then for each character found in the word search, write a sentence to describe a bit about them. It could be something about their personality, how they look, their job or who they are.

25.09.20 - Spelling

Rule: Letter strung ough. Complete the sentences and learn how to spell the words confidently.

25.09.20 - DT 

To celebrate languages day and linking to Italy, we made our own prototype of a bag. For homework, turn your prototype into a functioning bag. This is a project which may take a few weeks. We would love to see the results so please send us pictures via Class Dojo.

18.09.20 - Maths

Complete the worksheet on rounding and create a poster.

18.09.20 - English

Use the ‘Cohesion within Paragraphs’ sheet to help write a paragraph about anything of your choosing. In your paragraph, you need to use as many connecting adverbs and adverbials to help your writing flow.

18.09.20 - Spelling

Rule: Silent b. Complete the crossword and learn how to spell the words confidently.

11.09.20 - Maths

Complete the place value worksheet.

11.09.20 - English

Look carefully at the image and see what details you can pick out. Then, like in our SPaG lesson, mind map ideas to describe the image. Remember to use:

  • Adjectives
  • Verbs and adverbs
  • The 5 senses
  • Similes and metaphors
  • Expanded noun phrases

After, use your ideas to write a descriptive paragraph about the image. Imagine you are setting the scene for a story.

11.09.20 - Science

In our lesson this week, we found out that it was possible to have an ice hotel. Find out how they ‘work’ and explain it in your own words.

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