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Year 4 Homework



Please note that Spellings will be set every week which incorporate handwriting practice.
You can support your child further by encouraging them to put these words in context by writing or saying sentences that include the words provided.

Reading Books

Year 4 children will also take home either their library book or a home-school reading book.
There is a Reading Diary in the back of their homework books for both children and parents to keep track of the reading books taken home.


Date Given Date Due Task
14.09.18 20.09.18

Science: Complete the 'essential/non-essential' electricity diary.

Spellings: 'mis' prefix

21.09.18 27.09.18

Maths: 'Hopping' activity with negative numbers.

Spellings: 'un' prefix

28.09.18 04.10.18

English: 'Boring Sentences' activity.

Spellings: homophones 

05.10.18 11.10.18

Geography: Research 5 facts about Leeds

Spellings: words with 'ou' sounds

12.10.18 18.10.18

English: Similes and Metaphors

Spellings: statutory spellings

19.10.18 25.10.18 Maths: Subtraction problems
Spellings: 'inter' prefix
26.10.18 08.11.18

History: Research 3 facts about 'the unknown soldier'

Spellings: statutory spellings

09.11.18 15.11.18 English: Book review activity
Spellings: use a dictionary to spell check your book review activity
16.11.18 22.11.18 Maths: x10
Spellings: ir and il prefix
23.11.18 29.11.18

English: Comprehension on Romans

Spellings: spelling activity

30.11.18 06.12.18

Maths: Perimeter

Spellings: spelling activity

07.12.18 13.12.18

Topic: Romans wordsearch

Spellings: spelling activity

14.12.18 20.12.18

Maths: Time Table Rockstars Battle of the Bands

11.01.19 17.01.18

English: Practice Spellings

Maths: Practice Times Tables

18.01.19 24.01.19

English: Vikings Expanded Noun Phrases

Spellings: Spelling activity

25.01.19 31.01.19

Maths: Factor activity

Spellings: homophones

01.02.19 07.02.19

Maths: Times Table Grid

Spellings: Spelling activity

08.02.19 14.02.19

Maths: Short multiplication method

Spellings: Spelling activity

15.02.19 28.02.19

English: Fronted adverbials

Spellings: Spelling activity (spelling list 8 on Spelling Frame)

01.03.19 07.03.19

Maths: Area activity

Spellings: Spelling activity

08.03.19 14.03.19

Maths: Equivalent Fractions

Spellings: Spelling activity

15.03.19 21.03.19

Science: Volume and Pitch fortune teller

22.03.19 28.03.19

Maths: Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. 

Spellings: spelling words (some will be revision!)