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Year 3 Homework

Homework is sent home on a Friday and should be returned on a Thursday. 


Autumn Term 1




  • eight
  • eighth
  • eighty
  • weight
  • neighbour
  • vein
  • veil
  • beige
  • sleigh
  • freight


Write some 1 or 2 digit numbers and partition them into H,T and O or T and O, just like we’ve been doing in class. Try and make it challenging for yourself but not impossible! Try to do 20 numbers.

Eg 376 = 300 + 70 + 6


25/09/ 2020


Spellings – words with the long /eI/ sound spelt with ey

hey           survey             convey            disobey            grey

they          purvey            prey                 obey                 whey


This week we learnt a little about Spanish culture. Research more information and design a poster to include either words, numbers or pictures about Spain. The more colourful and clear, the better.


02/ 10/ 2020

Spellings – words with the long /eI/ sound spelt with ai

straight             claim              contain            brain              faint

waist                campaign         praise             complaint         afraid


We will soon be learning more about the four operations used in Maths (+, -, X and ÷. Can you design a poster that shows what each one means. You can use different examples such as number sentences or part-whole models. Think also about the different words we use for each operation.


09/10/ 2020

Spellings – words with the long /e:/ sound spelt with ear

earth                early               learn               heard              earn

pearl                search             unearth           earl                rehearse


This week in English, we have been recounting a story we have listened to as a class. Can you recount (re-tell) your favourite book or movie? You might add in extra details. Remember to include adjectives to aid description and focus on your handwriting. 


16/10/ 2020

Spellings – Homophones and near homophones.

here                  hear                heel                 heal                 main                mane

mail                   male                knot                 not


This week in History we learnt a little about the Iron Age by looking at primary evidence found in Britain. We also looked at artists’ impressions of what a typical Iron Age village scene might look like. Research and then draw an Iron Age person or people and label their clothing, weapons or tools.


23/10/ 2020

Spellings – Independent choice

Choose 10 spellings that you have found or still find tricky and write a sentence containing each of them. Try to include some of the English skills we have learnt this half term (adjectives, fronted adverbials, possessive apostrophes) to improve your sentences.


Our next topic will be all about Rocks and Fossils. The big question we are asking is, “Is the Earth just one big piece of rock?” Research either something about rocks or fossils and be ready to share when our new topic begins. How you present your findings is up to you. It could be a booklet, a poster, a piece of writing; you decide. Good luck.