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International Student Teachers

Nele Hartmann and Aspassia Thanos from Germany


We are two trainee teachers from Germany who taught German at Gomersal Primary School for a total of three weeks. This exchange program started between Trinity Collage and our State Seminar in Meckenbeuren, Germany in 2003 click here.



Introducing our learners at Gomersal to the German language and culture, we aimed to provide the skills and tools necessary to bring out the individual talents and give them the confidence to use the foreign language in a communicative way. With our teaching we aimed to increase the pupils' awareness of their own culture with respect to similarities and differences found in German culture.

Therefore we introduced the students to greetings and some short sentences in the target language. We sang songs and told our learners some stories using interactive movements and activities. Hence we chose to read the story of 'The very hungry caterpillar' by Eric Carle to the younger children of the early years in German. They seemed to like it and were actively involved in our lesson. They were able to guess the meaning of nearly all of the German words and learned the weekdays and how to say "Ich habe Hunger" in German.    Further we introduced in one class of year 5 a Pen

Pal Project. We asked our learners in Germany to write letters and to record short video clips to introduce themselves in English to the pupils in Gomersal. We presented these messages to the Year 5 class. The learners showed lots of interest in the German pupils and spotted many similarities and differences comparing the schools and personal hobbies. They were impressed by the German learners English skills and motivated to use their newly learned German phrases for replying to their new Pan Pal friends with either a video or a letter.