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Year 5 Homework

07.01.17 - Numeracy homework

This term we will be doing lots of work on fractions. For homework this week I need you to think about practical reasons for learning about fractions. Write out three main ideas to show where fractions are used in everyday life. This is important because it shows you the reason why we learn about fractions at school. Please add pictures or photos to help explain your ideas where you can.

07.01.17 - Literacy homework

To help with our literacy topic of ‘Legends’ find and read different Robin Hood stories. These can be books or stories on the internet. Who are the main characters in all of the stories? What are their characteristics and personality? Choose at least two of the main characters to describe, one must be Robin Hood. Use the information in the stories you have read to draw the characters. Then, label their characteristics around your drawing and any other information that describes the characters. Remember to use interesting adjectives and the 5 sense to help enhance your description.

13.01.17 - Numeracy homework

Match up the written fractions to the diagrams that show the equivalent fraction.  

13.01.17 - Literacy homework

It is very important in year 5 that we are able to form and join our letters correctly. First, use the letter formation sheet to make sure you start your letters in the correct place. Then, choose a passage from your book to copy out in your best handwriting. Remember to think which letters should

13.01.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones. Choose 6 homophones and learn how to spell them confidently.

20.01.17 - Numeracy homework

Find equivalent fractions of another fraction by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same number.Choose a set of fractions and place them on a number line.

20.01.17 - Computing homework

In computing, we are looking at creating art using computer programmes. This week we used ‘Scratch’ to begin to create a geometric Islamic pattern. Create your own geometric pattern using ‘Scratch’. Remember to use the commands in Pen as well as commands in the Motion and Control. Start by replacing the default cat sprite with another animal, and make it smaller, either using the shrink tool at the top of the screen, or by using the set size to block on the Looks palette. Work out how to draw some basic shapes such as equilateral triangles and squares before seeing what pattern you can create.

0.01.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: ent, ence or ency. Choose 6 words that end in ent, ence or ency and learn how to spell them confidently.

27.01.17 - Maths homework

This week for your maths homework, we are getting creative! Draw a large square in your maths book (20 small squares x 20 small squares) then create your own pattern inside it that has colours in the following fractions:

½ blue

¼ red

1/8 yellow

1/8 green

It’s up to you how you do it. It could be really simple, but it would be lovely to see some imaginative examples which divide the squares in interesting ways but still keep to the correct proportions.

27.01.17 - Literacy homework

Next week in Literacy we are writing a biography about Howard Carter. Continue with your research on the Egyptologist. Remember to find key information and make notes. Make notes in your Literacy homework book.

27.01.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: ent, ence or ency. Choose 6 words (different from last week) that end in ent, ence or ency and learn how to spell them confidently.

03.02.17 - Maths homework

Practice converting fractions to decimals, remembering strategies you have been taught in class.

03.02.17 - History homework

Make a piece of Egyptian jewellery. You have three options to choose from. Instructions can be found here. 

02.02.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: ant, ance or ancy. Choose 6 words that end in ant, ance or ancy and learn how to spell them confidently.

10.02.17 - Maths homework

Order decimal numbers, with up to 2 or 3 decimal places, from smallest to largest. Remember to look at the place value of the different digits. 

10.02.17 - English homework

Practice the words from the 'Spring 1 Spelling Test' that you have misspelled. Make sure you can spell them confidently. 

17.02.17 - Maths homework

This term we have been doing lots of work on decimals. For homework this week I need you to think about practical reasons for learning about decimals. Write out three main ideas to show where decimals are used in everyday life. This is important because it shows you the reason why we learn about decimals at school. Please add pictures or photos to help explain your ideas where you can.

 17.02.17 - English homework

After the holidays we will be learning about free verse poems and you will be writing your own free verse poem. To help with planning your ideas, choose an image which you think you can write an interesting poem about, for example, a beach setting. Your image will be your stimulus and you need to mind map ideas (focusing on description) around the image using adjectives, alliteration, onomatopoeia and the five senses.

Then, choose a second (different) image which just needs to be brought into school. This image will be used, in class, to write your free verse poem.

17.02.17 - Spelling homework

Choose 6 words from the year 5/6 word lists and learn how to spell them confidently.

03.03.17 - Maths homework

Create your own maths puzzle in a similar style to the one found here. You decide on the numbers to use, the shape and the total to make. 

03.03.17 - English homework

Complete the Spring Library quiz on our website. You can find it under the pupils tab and then click on ‘Library’. Scroll down towards the bottom of the Library page and on the right hand side it will say ‘Library quiz’. Click on the ‘click here to try the quiz’ and complete the quiz. Some of the answers to the questions are in the library. The more questions you answer, the better chance you have of winning!

03.03.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: ee sound spelt ei. Choose 6 words where thee ee sound is spelt ei and learn how to spell them confidently.

10.03.17 - Maths homework

Practice adding decimal numbers together. 

10.03.17 - English homework

Find a free verse poem that you enjoy. Learn it so you can read it aloud with confidence. Focus on your expression, volume and how clear your words are. Self-assess yourself. Can you make any improvements to your performance? We will watch your performances next week in class.

10.03.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones and near homophones. Choose 6 homophones and near homophones and learn how to spell them confidently.

17.03.17 - Maths homework

Find percentages of money and solve problems involving this.

17.03.17 - English homework

Write a piece of narrative including the following features:

  • Description – using the five senses, adjectives, personification
  • Questions marks and exclamation marks
  • Direct speech
  • Adverbials
  • Time and causal conjunctions
  • Modal verbs
  • A form of subordinate clause
  • Parenthesis – brackets, dashes or commas

17.03.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: double consonant. Choose 6 words that have a double consonant in them and learn how to spell them confidently.

24.03.17 - Maths homework

Problems involving money.

24.03.17 - English homework

Highlight the words from the spelling test that you know you need to practise:

  • Cough
  • Profit
  • Disaster
  • Practice
  • Especially
  • Shoulder
  • Recognise
  • Lightning
  • Dictionary
  • Artificial
  • Achieve
  • Possibly
  • Communicate
  • Aggressive
  • Hesitate
  • Applicable
  • Preferred
  • Reference
  • Neighbour
  • malicious

Can you write an interesting story using these words? Challenge yourself by choosing some of your Year 5/6 word list words to include as well.

31.03.17 - Maths homework

Use numbers 1 to 6 to solve a problem. 

31.03.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: cious and tious. Complete the two spelling sheets and then choose 6 of those words to learn and spell confidently.

31.03.17 - English homework

Imagine you are one of the people in this picture. You have just arrived in an unfamiliar city where you do not speak the language and you don’t know anyone. Write a story describing what you did once you got off the boat. How were you feeling? What were you thinking? What did you say? Where did you go? Remember to use lots of description and other features which make stories interesting.

07.04.17 - Maths homework

Try to solve the puzzle by clicking on the link: http://nrich.maths.org/7392. Watch the video clip and try to work out what fraction it is. There are several ways of doing this. Make sure you can explain how you did it.

07.04.17 - English homework

Complete the Poem comprehension. Click here for the worksheets. We will go through this together in the first week back after Easter. Therefore, your English homework needs to be in school on Tuesday 25th April.

07.04.17 - Spelling homework

Choose 8 words from the year 5/6 word lists and learn how to spell them confidently.

28.04.17 - Maths homework

Kieron has three cats. each is a different weight.

The first and second weigh 7 kg altogether.

The second and third weigh 8 kg altogether.

The first and third weigh 11 kg altogether.

What is the weight of each cat?

 28.04.17 - English homework

Continue to write a glossary for the words from the list. Find the definitions in the dictionary on on the internet. Then write the definitions in your own words. 

28.04.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: words with quiet letters. Choose 6 words, which have quiet letters, and learn how to spell them confidently.

05.05.17 - Maths homework

Why do we need to know about imperial measurements? Explain this in as much detail as you can. Give some examples of places where they are used and people who might prefer to use imperial measurements. Explain whether you find metric or imperial measurements easier to use.

05.05.17 - English homework

As a continuation of our English work, find words in the passage you are unsure of and change them to words or phrases you understand. You may need to look up the definition of these words or you may be able to understand what the words mean by reading the text around. Highlight these words and then re-write the passage with your changes. The text can be found here.

05.05.17 - Spelling homework

Choose 8 words from the year 5 and 6 word list and learn how to spell the confidently. 

12.05.17 - Maths homework

Solve the perimeter problem. The question can be found here.

12.05.17 - English homework

Look back at the different spelling rules we have learnt so far this year. Choose of few of these rules you are less confident with and practise spelling words that follow the rules. Also, choose words from the year 5/6 wordlist that you are unsure of and learn the spellings.

 12.05.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: words ending in cial and tial. Choose 6 words, which end in cial and tial, and learn how to spell them confidently.

19.05.17 - Maths homework

Ordering, comparing mass and money.

19.05.17 - English homework

Choose a passage or a section from a book and summarise it, in your own words. What are the key parts? What are the main things that happen? Who are the main characters? What are they like?

19.05.17 - Spelling homework

Practise words from the Summer 1 spelling test. The words can be found here

26.05.17 - Maths homework

5MB - Short multiplication with larger numbers

5RW - Solve the following questions using compact long multiplication.


  • You need to lines of calculations
  • 0 as a place holder when multiplying the tens
  • Exchange to the next column
  1. 147 x 35 =
  2. 117 x 26 =
  3. 293 x 83 =
  4. 306 x 78 =
  5. 323 x 144 =
  6. 179 x 267 =
  7. 436 x 234 =
  8. 768 x 194 =
  9. Create 2 step word problems which involve using compact long multiplication. They can also include another calculation. E.g. adding or subtracting.

26.05.17 - English homework

In English after half term, we are learning about information leaflets and looking at their features. Please can you find real life examples of information leaflets (they need to inform not persuade) and bring them in to school, ready for our lesson on Wednesday 7th June.

26.05.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: words ending in fer. Choose 6 words, which end in fer, and learn how to spell them confidently.

09.06.17 - Maths homework

To identify angles. Are the acute, right or obtuse? If you have a protractor, challenge yourself to measure the angles. 

09.06.17 - English homework

In English, we have started planning an information leaflet comparing two aspects from our Science topics. Continue this research at home and bring it to school for Wednesday 14th June.

 Also, as part of our History topic, research Winston Churchill and his time during World War Two.

09.06.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: words with the letter string ough. Choose 6 words, with the letter string ough, and learn how to spell them confidently.

16.06.17 - Maths homework


  1. 4,800/12
  2. 17,294 + 6,431
  3. 413 x 5
  4. 6,241 - 3,829
  5. 1,648/4
  6. 738,250 - 4,624

16.06.17 - English homework

Plan a diary entry for an exciting day you have had (it can be made up). Then use fronted adverbials, and adverbials of time, place and number to help structure your diary entry. Remember to use other grammar features to help you write about these exciting events.

16.06.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: words ending in cious and tious. Choose 6 words ending in cious and tious and learn how to spell them confidently.

23.06.17 - Maths homework

Solve these square and cube number questions.

  • 32 =
  • 23 =
  • 103 + 1 =
  • 62 + 10 =
  • 62 + 102 =
  • 52 - 42 =

23.06.17 - English homework

Write up the new information you learnt about WW2 after visiting Lotherton Hall. You can decide how to present your information. It could be an information leaflet, a recount, a diary entry etc.

23.06.17 - Spelling homework

Practise words from the Summer 2 spelling test. The words can be found here.

30.06.17 - Maths homework

Translating shapes and giving new coordinates. 

30.06.17 - English homework

Use the following link to complete activities about various grammar concepts. Challenge yourselves by starting on level 4.


30.06.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: i before e except after c. Choose 6 words where the rule needs to be considered and learn how to spell them confidently.

07.07.17 - Arts homework

As it has been Arts week at school, continue to be creative at home. You might decide to create a piece of art work, choreograph a dance routine or write a song. The possibilities are endless!

14.07.17 - Homework

Learn your lines ready for the Year 5 presentation on Friday.