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Year 5 Homework

24.11.17 - Maths homework

Create factor trees to find the prime factors.

24.11.17 - English homework

We would like our school to take part in the ‘Premier League Primary Stars’ poetry competition. We want our pupils to write poems based on the theme of resilience, entitled Try, Try Again. You might recognise that as the title of the poem used in the TV advert for Premier League Primary Stars – it encourages you to work hard and to never give up. Here is a link to the advert. https://plprimarystars.com/competitions/writing-stars

There is a KS1 competition and KS2 competition. They will be judged by a high-profile panel, including Children's Laureate, Lauren Child, former footballer Frank Lampard, Everton star Yannick Bolasie and the Young People's Laureate for London, Caleb Femi. If your child would like to take part please return their finished poem by Friday 8th December. Poems need to be no more than 20 lines or 150 words and be on the theme of resilience. Please make sure that’s your child’s name, class and age is on their entry. Some of the prizes for the winning poems include are a visit from a children's author, plus the Premier League Trophy! Poems may also be read aloud by a Premier League star and captured on film. We look forward to reading them.

24.11.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Double consonants. Choose 6 words which contain double consonants and learn how to spell them confidently.



17.11.17 - Maths homework

Multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Digits move places to the left when multiplying and to the right when dividing. 

17.11.17 - Science homework

Science week factual poster competition. Design a poster with facts about a famous scientist. Posters need to be on A3 paper with your name and class on. You can choose how you fill your paper. 

17.11.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones. Choose 6 homophones learn how to spell them confidently.

10.11.17 - Maths homework

Complete and answer questions about information tables and time tables.

10.11.17 - English homework

Next week in English we are learning about persuasive texts. Adverts are one example of a persuasive text. Find different examples of real life persuasive texts, besides adverts. Can you identify common features?

10.11.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: the letter y making a vowel sound. Choose 6 words which contain the letter y making a vowel sound and learn how to spell them confidently.

 03.11.17 - Maths homework

Solve sum, difference and comparison problems using line graphs.

03.11.17 - English homework

Write a set of instructions about a topic of your choice. It could be instructions to explain how to make or draw something. It could tell someone how to complete your dance routine or exercise activity. It could be instructions on how to get to your favourite place or play your invented game. There are lots of options, the choice is yours.

03.11.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: suffix able. Choose 6 words which contain the suffix able and learn how to spell them confidently.

 20.10.17 - STEM homework

Make a Cartesian diver. Instructions can be found here.

20.10.17 - English homework

Find another text written by Philip Pullman. From the front cover, infer and predict what you think the text will be about. Do you think it is a fiction text? Is it a mystery and suspense story? Who will the characters be? Mind map all your ideas. Then, compare your chosen text to Clockwork. Do you think the texts are similar / different? Why? Begin to read the beginning of your chosen text and again compare it to Clockwork.

20.10.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones. Choose 6 homophones learn how to spell them confidently.

 13.10.17 - Maths homework

Solve addition and subtraction problems with numbers up to six digits. Use column addition and column subtraction to do this.

13.10.17 - English homework

Write a piece of narrative using adverbials to link ideas across paragraphs. The worksheet can be found here

13.10.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones. Choose 6 homophones learn how to spell them confidently. 

 05.10.17 - Maths homework

Queen Esmerelda has 20 gold coins. She puts them in four piles.

  • The first pile had four coins more than the second.
  • The second pile had one less coin than the third.
  • The fourth pile had twice as many coins as the second.

How many gold coins did Esmerelda put in each pile?

05.10.17 - English homework

Practise the wording you misspelled in your spelling test from this week. Then, use these words in a piece of writing.

29.09.17 - Maths homework

Converting numbers to Roman Numerals and Roman Numerals to numbers. 

29.09.17 - English homework

For the last few weeks of this half term, we are looking more closely at ‘mystery and suspense’ stories, like Clockwork. Find a couple of extracts from a ‘mystery and suspense’ story and create a checklist of the features you think need to be included in these types of stories. You can highlight examples in the text to help you.

29.09.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Suffix ible. Choose 6 words which contain the suffix ible and learn how to spell them confidently. 

22.09.17 - Maths homework

In Maths lessons this week, we have been learning about positive and negative numbers. Use the link below to play 'Tug Harder', to continue with your learning.  


22.09.17 - English homework

Next Thursday is National Poetry Day and to help celebrate, each KS2 year group will be presenting a poem in assembly. The theme is Freedom, therefore we have chosenthe poem 'Invictus' by William Henley. Learn the poem so that you can read it aloud with confidence.

Link to the poem: https://naionalpoetryday.co.uk/poem/invictus/

Link to the Invictus Games story: https://invictusgamesfoundation.org/foundation/story/

22.09.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Letter string ough. Choose 6 words which contain the letter string ough and learn how to spell them confidently. 


15.09.17 - Maths homework

Partitioning 4-digit numbers.

15.09.17 - English homework

In our RE lessons we are thinking about places that our special to us and why these places are important. People who follow different religions also have special places. Create a piece of work, to be displayed in the shared area, which explains your special place and also a place that is special to someone who follows a specific religion. For example, a place is special for Christians.

15.09.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: silent b. Choose 6 words which contain a silent b and learn how to spell them confidently. 

15.09.17 - Additional homework

 If you would like to be a school council member, write a speech to explain why you should be chosen and what you would like to do if you were on the council. Speeches will then be presented on Wednesday 20th September.