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Year 5 Homework

09.11.18 - English homework

We are learning about information leaflets and looking at their features. Please can you find real life examples of information leaflets (they need to inform not persuade) and bring them in to school, ready for our lessons this week.

 Alongside this, research what life was like during WW2 for children and for adults. Think about those children who were in the city and those who were in the countryside. Also, research the life of the men who were fighting and those who were not and the role of women at this time. Both pieces of homework are vital for our lessons and need to be brought into school on Wednesday 14th November for 5DP and Thursday 15th for 5RW.

 19.10.18 - English homework

This week in English we have been learning about ‘spoken word’ poems and having a go at performing some ourselves. There are two options for homework this week. You can find another ‘spoken word’ poem you like and learn to perform it with good rhythm and expression. You could choose a poem by one of the poets we have looked at – Michael Rosen or Benjamin Zephaniah, or you could find a new author. Instead, you could write your own ‘spoken word’ poem about a topic of your choice and perform it with good rhythm and expression.

19.10.18 - Spelling homework

 Rule: -able. Choose 6 words that contain the suffix -able and learn how to spell them confidently. 

12.10.18 - Food and nutrition homework

During our food and nutrition day, we have been learning about seasonality. We have used seasonal fruit and vegetables to make two types of soups, cheese stars and fruit pies. At home, make your own dish which uses fruit or vegetables which are in season now. You could follow a recipe or make it up yourself. Get family and friends to try it and record their feedback.

12.10.18 - Spelling homework

Practice the words you got incorrect in this weeks spelling test and learn how to spell them confidently. 

05.10.18 - English homework

Identify verbs in a sentence. The worksheet can be found here.

05.10.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: Homophones. Choose 6 Homophones and learn how to spell them confidently. 

 28.09.18 - English homework

To celebrate the European Day of Languages, Year 5 focused on Italy and the Italian language. For homework, research Italy and the Italian language further. We would like to display some of the homework in our shared area, so be creative.

28.09.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: -ible. Choose 6 words that contain the suffix -ible and learn how to spell them confidently. 

21.09.18 - English homework

Find another text written by Philip Pullman. From the front cover, infer and predict what you think the text will be about. Do you think it is a fiction text? Is it a mystery and suspense story? Who will the characters be? Mind map all your ideas. Then, if you can read an extract from the text, compare your chosen text to Clockwork. Do you think the texts are similar / different? Why? Begin to read the beginning of your chosen text and again compare it to Clockwork.

21.09.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: Letter string ough. Choose 6 words that contain the letter string ough and learn how to spell them confidently. 

14.09.18 - English homework

Use the ‘Cohesion within Paragraphs’ sheet to help write a paragraph about anything of your choosing. In your paragraph, you need to use as many connecting adverbs and adverbials to help your writing flow. The word mat can be found here.

14.09.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: Silent b. Choose 6 words that use the rule silent b and learn how to spell them confidently. 

07.09.18- Maths homework

Practise the times tables so you can recall them confidently.

07.09.18 - English homework

Choose words from the Year 5 and 6 word lists and learn how to spell them. Can you use the words in a sentence?