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Year 5 Homework

22.09.17 - Maths homework

In Maths lessons this week, we have been learning about positive and negative numbers. Use the link below to play 'Tug Harder', to continue with your learning.  


22.09.17 - English homework

Next Thursday is National Poetry Day and to help celebrate, each KS2 year group will be presenting a poem in assembly. The theme is Freedom, therefore we have chosen the poem 'Invictus' by William Henley. Learn the poem so that you can read it aloud with confidence.

Link to the poem: https://nationalpoetryday.co.uk/poem/invictus/

Link to the Invictus Games story: https://invictusgamesfoundation.org/foundation/story/

22.09.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: Letter string ough. Choose 6 words which contain the letter string ough and learn how to spell them confidently. 


15.09.17 - Maths homework

Partitioning 4-digit numbers.

15.09.17 - English homework

In our RE lessons we are thinking about places that our special to us and why these places are important. People who follow different religions also have special places. Create a piece of work, to be displayed in the shared area, which explains your special place and also a place that is special to someone who follows a specific religion. For example, a place is special for Christians.

15.09.17 - Spelling homework

Rule: silent b. Choose 6 words which contain a silent b and learn how to spell them confidently. 

15.09.17 - Additional homework

 If you would like to be a school council member, write a speech to explain why you should be chosen and what you would like to do if you were on the council. Speeches will then be presented on Wednesday 20th September.