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Year 5 Homework

21.09.18 - English homework

Find another text written by Philip Pullman. From the front cover, infer and predict what you think the text will be about. Do you think it is a fiction text? Is it a mystery and suspense story? Who will the characters be? Mind map all your ideas. Then, if you can read an extract from the text, compare your chosen text to Clockwork. Do you think the texts are similar / different? Why? Begin to read the beginning of your chosen text and again compare it to Clockwork.

21.09.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: Letter string ough. Choose 6 words that contain the letter string ough and learn how to spell them confidently. 

14.09.18 - English homework

Use the ‘Cohesion within Paragraphs’ sheet to help write a paragraph about anything of your choosing. In your paragraph, you need to use as many connecting adverbs and adverbials to help your writing flow. The word mat can be found here.

14.09.18 - Spelling homework

Rule: Silent b. Choose 6 words that use the rule silent b and learn how to spell them confidently. 

07.09.18- Maths homework

Practise the times tables so you can recall them confidently.

07.09.18 - English homework

Choose words from the Year 5 and 6 word lists and learn how to spell them. Can you use the words in a sentence?