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Year 4 Homework

09.09.2016 - Scarecrow

As a school, we are participating in St. Mary's Church Scarecrow Festival. Our year group scarecrow will be 'Daniel and the Lion's Den' from the Bible. We will make our class scarecrow during school time. Please collect and bring into school resources that will help us such as old clothing, material to stuff and fabrics (orange, yellow, black or white).

09.09.2016 - Spellings

Please choose 6 spellings, using this week's rule: Double consonants when adding a suffix.

22.09.2016 - History

Our History topic for this term is the Romans. To help introduce the topic can you find out about the Romans? See what interesting information you can find out about them. Present your information in an exciting way so that it can go on our class display or on the shared area display.

29.09.2016 - Numeracy

This week in Numeracy we have been learning about Place Value. Fill in the spaces with the numbers in order from smallest to largest.

14.10.2016 - Literacy

This week in Literacy we have been learning about the vocabulary used in poems. We have looked at adjectives, similes, alliteration and rhyming words. Write a shape poem and try to include the different vocabulary you have learnt this week.

21.10.2016 - History

During our Roman visit we were able to look at a replica of a Celtic Roundhouse. Design an advertisement for a roundhouse, including a picture and a persuasive description to entice any potential buyers.

3.11.2016 - Numeracy / Science

Fold the Fortune Teller like the one you made in Maths this week. Find a friend or member of your family to play with. Challenge - Make your own Fortune Teller. You can use either Maths or Science facts.  

11.11.2016 - Numeracy

Factor Bugs - Write 2 numbers in the bugs. How many factors have they got? Start at the antennae, then add legs. Make opposite legs pair up.

18.11.2016 - Geography

Soon we will be starting our new Geography based topic, 'Cities and Leeds'. We would like you to visit Leeds City Centre and whilst there collect some brochures about things that you can do in Leeds. These could be from museums, galleries etc. Also, please take a 'selfie', print it off and bring it into school.

25.11.2016 - Numeracy

For the last two weeks in Numeracy we have focused on using the formal written methods to calculate multiplication. This has shown how important it is for you to practise your times tables. Focus on the ones you are less confident with. You can use the times tables sheet to practise your tables or games on the following websites. Write in your homework book explaining how you practised your times tables. 

01.12.2016 - Literacy

Research the animal you have chosen to write a non-chronological report about in Literacy. Find information that you think other people would find interesting. Don't stick it in your homework book as you will need it during next week's Literacy lessons. This homework needs to be be in on Thursday 8th December.

08.12.2016 - Maths

To support your work in Maths please play the Multiplication Dice game at home with a partner. This will develop your fluency with multiplication tables.

 15.12.2016 - English

Write a Christmas poem, you can choose the style that you would like to use. You could include rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, acrostic or it could be a shape poem. Write the poem in your book and decorate.

6.1.17 - Maths

In Maths we have been learning about fractions and how to find equivalent fractions. Please complete the sheet using your knowledge of fractions and multiplication and division.

13.1.17 - Geography

In Geography we have been learning about different cities and their features. Design your own city, you can present this how you like, a picture, a map, an aerial view, a power-point presentation, a written description or even a model.

27.01.17 - Science

During Science we have been looking at different states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). Can you please complete the sheet by thinking of examples of each state of matter around you at home.

3.10.17 - Maths

This week in Maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 when working with decimals. Please complete the sheets.

10.2.17 - English

Spelling practice (silent c). Complete the table to practise your spellings and then a sentence containing each of them to ensure you understand the meaning of each.

17.02.17 - History

Over the holidays can you please choose from one of the activities listed on the sheet relating to the Anglo-Saxons. 

17.02.17 - English

100 word creative writing challenge. Write a mini saga based on a creature of your design in no more than 100 words.

03.03.17 - English 

Quentin Blake has illustrated many different stories and his style of drawing is very distinctive. Draw one of these characters using his style. Could you think of your own character and draw them in his style?

10.03.17 - Maths

Multiplication & Division - Use your own methods to calculate the answers.  Try to use the short method where possible.

17.03.17 - PSHE

Complete the 'Safety in your Home' sheet to identify the risks in your home and what you can do to make it safer.

31.03.17 - Science

You have to design and make a musical instrument that will be used to produce a sound. Do not make your instrument at home, bring the materials into school before Friday 7th April.

07.04.17 - Comprehension

After the holidays we will be looking at persuasive leaflets. If you visit any attractions, museums etc. during the holidays please collect some leaflets and bring them into school on Monday 24th April.

28.07.17 - Tour de Yorkshire

On Sunday 30th April the Tour de Yorkshire is coming through our local area. Please find out information, watch the race, design a poster or information leaflet. 

05.05.17 - Science

During Science lessons we have been learning about the animals that live in the Arctic. The scientist, Ceri Lewis, told us that the Arctic Ocean is an early warning system for the rest of Earth. We would like you to research what changes are happening and why. Please bring your research in on Thursday 11th May in preparation for your Big Write the following week.

12.05.17 - English & Maths

English - In English lessons you have been learning how to write persuasive leaflets. For your homework we would liker you to design a persuasive leaflet or poster for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Think about all the things that you would expect to see in a leaflet, for example, important information, details of the attractions, directions, contact details etc. Also remember to make it eye-catching for the reader.

Maths - complete the co-ordinates sheet.

09.06.17 - English

Draw 3 characters from your story; you as the Viking god, the villain and your sidekick (who comes with you on your journey). Write details around the pictures about what they look like and their characteristics. 

16.06.17 - Science

As part of our new Science topic you will be learning about electricity. For your homework this week keep a diary of when you use electricity and whether or not it was essential use.